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Volume 11- Number 1 Preview – Fall 2015

Check out a Preview of each Individual Article from our 2015 Publication that is available for purchase here.

Individual Articles:

Preview Article 1 -Here today, gone tomorrow? Post-grant review and PTAB interpretation of § 101 subject matter after Myriad by Conor T. Flynn

Preview Article 2 – Very Few Appreciated Just How Bad AIA Inter Partes Reviews (IPRs) Would Be For Patent Owners, Although IPR Denials Have Been, for Patent Owners, a Glimmer of Hope by Stacy Lewis and Tom Irving

Preview Article 3 – Spotlight on Claim Construction before PTAB by James Stein, Jennifer Gupta, Hojung Cho, Stacy Lewis, and Tom Irving

Preview Article 4 -Spotlight on Objective Evidence of Nonobviousness in AIA Post-Grant Proceedings by Shing-Yi (Cindy) Cheng, Li Feng, Stacy Lewis, and Tom Irving

Preview Article 5 – Navigating the Limitations on Discovery in AIA Post-Grant Proceedings by Mary R. Henninger, Jill K. MacAlpine, Amelia Feulner Baur, Anthony A. Hartmann, Lara C. Kelley, Rebecca M. McNeill, P. Andrew Riley, and Michael A. Stramiello

Preview Article 6- Amending Rather Than Cancelling Claims in Inter Partes Reviews by Stacy Lewis and Tom Irving

Preview Article 7 – Stay Awhile: The Evolving Law of District Court Stays in Light of Inter Partes Review, Post-Grant Review, and Covered Business Method Post-Grant Review by Jonathan Stroud, Linda Thayer, and Jeffrey C. Totten

Preview Article 8 – Adjusting for the New Normal: Thoughts on Enhancing the Possibilities of Success for the Patent Owner in an AIA Post-Grant Proceeding by Amanda Murphy, Stacy Lewis, Deborah Herzfeld, Ningling Wang, Wen Li, and Tom Irving

Volume 10- Number 1 – Fall 2014

Check out each Individual Article from our 2014 Publication that is available for purchase here.

Individual Articles:

Traditional Cultural Expressions and the U.S. Constitution by Alexander Bussey

The Property Attributes of Copyright by Pascale Chapedelaine

Finding Meaning in the Death of Virtual Identities by Jordan L. Walbesse

Inequitable Conduct and Supplemental Examination: Promise, Procedure, and Particulars by Amanda K. Murphy, PH.D & Jonathan R.K Stroud

Note Curing Cablevision Prescribing a Functional Solution to a Technical Astigmatism by Adam Adler

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